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  • NRI Enters New Phase Of Relationship With PlanExpress

    NRI Enters New Phase Of Relationship With PlanExpress

    With NRI focusing on other business opportunities, ownership of PlanExpress is transitioning to Pantera Global Technology, effective March 1, 2015. NRI and PlanExpress will remain business partners, continuing to work together on joint projects.

  • NRI Launches Jobsite Tech Group

    NRI Launches Jobsite Tech Group

    Jobsite Tech Group was formed in response to the NRI clients’ needs for technology expertise and equipment on their construction sites. Jobsite Tech Group is dedicated to the sole purpose of assisting organizations in the AEC industry with the adoption of new technology, processes and solutions, all designed to improve efficiency, collaboration and coordination, and to meet the increasing demands of tech savvy owners and design teams.

    Click here to read the press release.

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  • Philly Tech Week 2015

    Philly Tech Week 2015

    NRI will be showcasing the latest in 3D selfies and other interactive 3D technologies during Philly Tech Week 2015 — a celebration of technology and innovation. Our technical demonstrations will be held at both the Philly Tech Week Signature Event on Friday night, and all week long in our Chestnut Street location.

    • April 17-25, 2015

  • KA Connect 2015

    KA Connect 2015

    NRI is pleased to be sponsoring KA Connect 2015 – a knowledge management conference for the AEC industry. Click here for details and registration information.

    • May 5-6, 2015